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This whole thing started during Spring Training of the 2012 season. My brother and I grew up in Detroit loving the team but life has since separated us from the team geographically. I live in Florida and he is in Illinois. Every year we get together and go to as many Spring Training games as possible. Going to Spring Training you get to see Don Kelly play a lot. He is always fighting for a roster spot. That year we decided we would be Don's unofficial fan club and made shirts to wear to the games since at that time, you couldn't buy DK shirts. People loved them. Dozens of times we were asked where to get them or had people take pictures. On a few occasions people even offered to buy the shirts off our backs. Spring Training 2013 rolled around and we of course went back, this time with the second version of the DKB shirt (the ones we sell today). Finally enough people asked about them that I gave in and started

***In case it wasn't obvious, we are IN NO WAY affiliated with the actual Don Kelly (other than being his biggest fans), The Detroit Tigers or MLB.****

Our shirts are very high quality and comfortable. You'll look and probably feel amazing in your new shirt.

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